Walking and Hiking Groups

“The people have learned not from books, But in the fields, in the wood, on the river bank.
Their teachers have been the birds themselves, when they Sang to them, the sun when it left a glow of crimson behind it at setting, the very trees and wild herbs.”
– Anton Chekhov, “A day in the country.”

Energetic walkers and those with an adventurous spirit will relish the many hidden opportunities to explore a mecca of untapped waterfalls within the Otway Benwerrin region. It is the best kept secret and just down the road from Qii house. Why not check them out: Doing one of these walks should definitely be on your agenda. Bring your hiking gear!

Pennyroyal Valley:

1. Acquila & Pennyroyal Falls:

Start & Finish: Dunse Track – Terrace Falls – Pennyroyal Falls – Acquila Falls – Return to Start of Walk.

2. Acquila Creek Circuit:

Start & Finish: Benwerrin-Mount Sabine Road / Herberts Site – Benwerrin-Mount Sabine Road – Norman Track – Dunse Track – King Parrot Track – Terrace Falls – Pennyroyal Falls – Acquila Track – Wymbooliel Track – Wymbooliel Falls – Herberts Track – Herberts Site / Benwerrin-Mount Sabine Road.

3. Across The Pennyroyal Valley:

Start: Lorne-Deans Marsh Road / Pennyroyal Track – Pennyroyal Track – Wymbooliel Track – Wymbooliel Falls – Acquila Track – Terrace Falls – Pennyroyal Falls – Acquila Falls – Dunse Track.

4. Great Western Colliery Walk:

Start & Finish: Lorne-Deans Marsh Road.

Cumberland River Valley:

5. Allambee Beek Falls:

Start & Finish: Benwerrin-Mount Sabine Road / Curtis Road – Curtis Road – Allambee Beek Circuit Walk – Allambee Beek Falls – Staircase Falls – Curtis Road / Benwerrin-Mount Sabine Road.

For more information on this exclusive location please Download Walking and Exploring The Otway Ranges.


You may discover your own hidden treasure; you never know!

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