Beginning on the 3rd May, 2019, a group of 8 women gathered together at Qii House to embark on a 3-Day healing & wellbeing immersion in the ancient Otways rainforest.

With Qii House’s serenely tranquil setting, lush green forestry, aromas of the fresh & light rainforest surroundings, birds singing, and harmonious, spacious, warm, comfortable and peaceful home, Qii House is absolutely perfect to hold a divinely sacred women’s retreat.

Nikki O’Brien, who is an intuitive healer, medicine woman, ritualist, writer, speaker, visionary, and creator, lead a group of 7 women, on a healing & growth journey, assisted by 8 powerful Goddesses, deities and animal spirits.

Her vision for the divine Goddess Awakening Womens’ Retreat was to have women come together to heal and move through unhealthy patterns, access their emotions and become their true selves, Awakening the Goddess within and hence Awakening their divine potential, gifts, abilities and wisdom.

The retreat space had to be somewhere sacred and virtually untouched by man, and that just so happened to be Qii House.

‘As soon as I saw Qii House online and read about Heather’s amazing intentions for creating it, I was instantly drawn to it and thought “This is the place!”

With an outdoor bathing area, a meditation space, peace poles and rainforest walk, it was a no-brainer to choose stunning Qii House to hold my sacred creation of the Goddess Awakening Womens’ Retreat.’

As our journey began on Friday May 3rd, we all settled in and introduced ourselves, and shared an amazing food feast platter out on the back patio of Qii House and wow!

The sunset view was incredible. A sight to behold and to truly witness for yourself.

Later that evening we delved into our first ritual honouring the first Goddess, and the home really held our space beautifully.

The second day we woke and had breakfast, I made smoothies using the blender provided and they were DELICIOUS, if I do say so myself 😉

We then did another small ritual, and then hopped into our cars to go down to Lorne Beach, a short drive from Qii House, to perform an ocean Goddess honouring ceremony.

We enjoyed lunch by the sea, and then took the stunningly breathtaking drive home through the rainforest back to Qii House.

On the final day, we woke early to the sunrise and then drove to Erskine Falls, which is another short drive away from Qii House, to take in nature’s beauty and wrap up our sacred weekend experience with a waterfall cleanse and Goddess ritual.

We came home and said our goodbyes, honoured to have spent our time in such a beautiful and magnificent place.

Thank you Heather for allowing us into your home and sacred space.

What you have created is truly magical, and I definitely intend to be holding more retreats at Qii House in the future!

Your hospitality and service is incredible, and I thank you from the heart.

I am eternally grateful to have met you and experienced Qii House.

Blessings always,

Luna Lazuli- Holistic Wellness Goddess
(Nikki O’Brien)  xxxxxx