Forest Bathing in the Otways

A BIG THANKYOU to Angie and crew from Destination Happiness tv Channel 9 for such a wonderful show. Very happy to be part of your journey?. Such a beautiful capture of Qii House and Forest Bathing. Absolutely ???.

Thank you to Susan Joachim and Dr Dieter Kotte for your beautiful contribution on the day and for your ongoing support, hard work and invaluable promotion and sharing of knowledge about Forest Therapy, and the therapeutic benefits attributed to the practice.

Your kind assistance and ongoing support of Qii House ‘s initiatives is much appreciated.

Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy is tipped to be the next big thing in the improvement of our mental health and stress levels.

In Japan it’s currently being prescribed by doctors and statistics have shown an obvious change in the countries mental health.

We took a trip to Qii House Lorne in Victoria, which is completely immersed in the forest behind Erskine Falls. The delightful Qii House now offers forest therapy as part of your stay.

Susan Joachim, president of the International Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance (INFTA) took us on a guided walk through the forest as part of our stay.

The benefits could be felt instantly.


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