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It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men’s hearts as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit. – Robert Louis Stevenson

14 unique stays in Australia to blow you away

From the remote reaches of the outback to the heart of UNESCO World-Heritage listed sites, these are Australia’s most unique stays. Australia is practically overflowing with amazing accommodation options. But digging through countless accommodations can not only be time-consuming, it can sometimes be a little disappointing. To avoid those booking regrets, we’ve hit the ground to uncover some of the most unique stays across Australia that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Australian Traveller

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Five of the best places to bathe in the forest

When was the last time you went for a walk in nature and really took the time to stop and listen, and I mean really listen, to all the different sounds around you? To look at the intricate details, to breathe in the clean air, to feel the connection between living things?

Well Traveller

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You’ve heard of forest bathing. Now try forest therapy.

There are nearly two dozen certified trails around the world that guide visitors to engage with nature in ways that benefit their health and foster deeper exploration. A walk in the woods is not only good for you physically, it’s also good for you psychologically. Studies show time spent in nature reduces mental fatigue and irritability, cortisol levels, and stress.

National Geographic

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Qii House wins Holistic Wellness Retreat of the year.

Qii House is an eco-meditation and relaxation retreat, offering unique stays for guests to enjoy the serene and harmonious space. Owner and creator, Heather Kolb, has intentionally transformed the architecturally impressive house into a secret sanctuary that takes advantage of its location and provides a fantastic opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in nature and forest therapy.

Prestige Awards

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Discover Australia’s Top Holiday Homes of 2023 – according to the experts!

Stayz, a popular Australian holiday rental website, has revealed the winners of its prestigious Australian Best Holiday Homes of 2023 awards – and believe us when we say that these abodes are nothing short of spectacular.

Senior Discounts Club

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Top 10 Australian holiday homes of 2023 revealed by Stayz

The top 10 holiday homes across Australia have been revealed.

Stayz has announced its 2023 Holiday Homes of the Year with the top three on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Berry in New South Wales and Wilyabrup in Western Australia.

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Holistic Wellness Retreat of the Year

Qii House is an eco-meditation and relaxation retreat, offering unique stays for guests to enjoy the serene and harmonious space.

“Heather has created an enchanting space that drives away the complications and frustrations of modern life and delivers a safe and secure environment.”

Australia Prestige Awards

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Yoga, meditation and supreme comfort: Qii House is the perfect retreat for those after a holiday

Qii House is a close escape from the city where forest therapy is used to relieve the stress of the big smoke. From humble beginnings, Qii House has become a sacred piece of paradise nestled in the sweeping gum trees of the Great Otway National Park.

When Heather Kolb first stumbled upon the original site for Qii House it was love at first sight. The original block was in desperate need of some love and care, but Kolb identified its potential as a future oasis for those seeking renewal and rejuvenation. She was drawn to its peace and serenity.

BeatAustralia Prestige Awards

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20 Incredible Wedding Venues in Geelong & Surrounds (2019)

Here we list the 20 wonderful wedding venues Geelong has to offer.A region of historic homesteads, boutique wineries, stunning bay views and a super-relaxed atmosphere and just a hop, skip and jump from Melbourne city, Geelong is the perfect location for your wedding.

Wedding Diaries

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Melbourne’s Top 10 Small Wedding Venues (2019)

Most brides and grooms want their wedding to be a day that they will never forget but how to accomplish those goals depends on the soon-to-be newlyweds.

Not every couple wants a big extravagant ceremony with hundreds of people on the guest list. They would rather celebrate their unforgettable love story with the people they love the most.

Wedding Diaries

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New to Host Unusual: Extraordinary Stays from South Africa to Spain

One of the things we find most enthralling here at Host Unusual is the sheer variety of the ‘unusual’ that we encounter on a daily basis, and indeed in all corners of the globe!

Host Unusual

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Getaways – ’Unique’ Qii House

Heather McFarlane-Kolb’s Qii House at Lorne has been shortlisted in the Unique category of ​2018’s HomeAway Holiday Rental Awards. As the new home of Stayz, HomeAway describes the awards as promoting “Australia’s greatest holiday homes”.

Geelong Cost Magazine – Spring Edition

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16 unconventional wedding venues in Victoria

“Qii House is incredibly unique venue in that it’s been designed with Eco friendly weddings in mind. Set in the stunning Great Otway National Park among the fern trees, it’s the perfect spot to breathe in the fresh air and star gaze all night on the fan shaped deck.”

Easy Weddings

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Qii House – Eco retreat in the middle of a forest along the Great Ocean Road, Australia

“Qii House is a spectacular weekend getaway nestled in a tranquil, lush rainforest haven on top of Erskine Falls along the Great Ocean Road. It was a perfect hide away, a gem hidden in Otway National Park, a bushwalker’s paradise. We were all alone as Qii House offers exclusivity, it was such a cosy romantic getaway!”

The Boho Guide

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9 Stays That Put The ‘Unique’ Into Unique Boutique

For fans of the bold, bright and beautiful, Qii House Eco Retreat will be heaven. “This personality-laden house was designed by Edgard Pirrotta and will challenge your expectations of a Great Ocean Road getaway. Walls are splashed with vivid primary hues and this obsession with colour extends throughout the retreat, from the wardrobes in the bedrooms to patterned linens and even the kitchen appliances.”

Beautiful Accommodation

Otways eco retreat offering a wellness experience

“Please give us a brief history of Qii House? – As a child and in married life I was driven, always finding good inspired energy and calm within the natural world, as a place to self-reflect, re-boot and to contemplate life. I was introduced to Qii House in 2007 and was immediately captivated by its serene, pristine environment, fresh misty mountain air and rainforest canopy.”

GT Journal

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Dream up that unforgettable wedding experience…

“Qii House Eco Meditation and Relaxation Retreat is the pristine harmonious space to set the tone of your tranquil green wedding. This hidden organic architectural gem is set in the heart of the Great Otway National Park and is simply luxurious with fresh mountain air. Set high in the tall timbered blue gums and abundant tree ferns in marshmallow clouds, Qii house is a whimsical vision and the perfect space to spark romance and imagination.”

Bride’s Diary

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Spirit of the Otways

“It’s more than accommodation,” says Heather Kolb of her stunning Qii House. “It’s the transformative travel component that adds to the Qii House experience; the therapeutic aspects that may benefit health and well-being.”

Geelong Coast Magazine

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Finding Self-Awareness Through Nature at Qii House Meditation Retreat

“Qii house Eco Meditation Retreat, nestled in a lush rainforest on top of Erskine Falls, in Lorne, Australia offers guests a quiet respite designed to connect them, on a deeper level, with nature. Originally designed in 1977 by architect Edgard Pirrotta, the Qii house concept is quirky…”

Melissa B. Williams

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Eluxe Magazine

“Ever been standing in the middle of a city, finding yourself desperately wanting to be someplace else? Ever wished that the world around you moved at a slower pace, and that there wasn’t quite so much noise? Who doesn’t need just for a little respite from the frantic, fast paced world?”

Lora O’Brien – Eluxe Magazine

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The Weekly Review – 10 of Australia’s most architecturally unique holiday stays

“Holidays are all about memories, and what is more memorable than an outstanding and truly individual vacation location? While comfort is a priority, any element that goes towards making a trip unforgettable—for all the right reasons—is a definite win…”

Megan Osborne – The Weekly Review

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Sue Warner

“I stumbled across Qii House when a gorgeous couple from Ballarat invited me to be their celebrant at their wedding in this quirky little place. So I contacted Heather and organised a visit. It is perfect if you want to get away from it all and do your own thang! It sleeps 8 people in what I’d call understated-luxury…”

Sue Warner – Bellarine Celebrant

Seaire Yoga

“Anticipation builds the closer one gets to Qii House, fuelled by the excitement created by the inspiring website descriptions. A canopy of overhanging trees and an escort of native birds welcomed us as we drove into the beautiful bushland setting. At the first glimpse of this amazing iconic house you know you are in for a special treat; a secluded paradise. The retreat is like a parading lyre bird in all its splendour beckoning towards you to urge you closer…”

Debra Walker – Seaire Yoga

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GC Magazine

“Make sure you grab this weeks GC Magazine. Stunning property the Qii House features inside – a gorgeous property in the Otways that has been brought back to life by Geelong resident Heather Kolb. The retreat features stunning architecture and beautiful Japanese influenced gardens. We can’t wait to visit!”

Refer pages 52-55 – Lorne’s Hidden Gem Qii House Lorne – Fiona Lucas

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Coast Style

“Qii House – Built in the 1970’s and nestled in the forest above Lorne this home was designed by Melbourne renowned architect Edgard Pirrotta. The owner of this home has wanted to keep the original atmosphere of the home and has done some amazing work in this hidden gem already. We are taking inspiration from the architect and developing it’s outdoor living spaces. Visit and book in for some R&R.”

The world is your oyster: everything you need to know to pick your perfect wellness retreat.

“And last but not least, let’s say you are looking for a corporate retreat with a wellness component, where you can mind your stress and coalescence in nature whilst sprinkling some work into the itinerary. We highly recommend properties like Qii House Lorne who have done a masterful job of creating an environment that is conducive to balancing work and play, If there is such a thing!”

Kim Roberts

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Eco Weddings with Qii House.

“There’s something special about escaping life’s hustle and bustle to enjoy the serenity that comes with the bush. Outdoor weddings, but in particular, eco-friendly weddings reflect both the beauty in the environment and in you as a couple. Embracing your natural surrounds and celebrating getting back to the basics is what makes an eco-escape so enticing, and enjoyable. We were delighted to stumble upon a local gem that celebrates this growing area and passionate owner, Heather Kolb has filled us in on what makes Qii House Eco Retreat so special, alongside her top tips for your own eco-friendly wedding experience.”

Natalie Drum – Ivory Tribe

InspireME Global

“I think it’s time we introduced you to some of our hosts. In between some other ramblings I thought it might be good to talk about the truly amazing accommodation that has come on board, and when they are willing, maybe have a ‘chat’ with the hosts, because without them there would be no InspireME Global to InspireYOU! One of the first was Qii House in Lorne, Victoria. I just remember the amazing vibrant colours and the ‘vibe’ that the gorgeous images exuded. WOW!! And this is exactly what the team at InspireME are about. All our hosts are contacted directly and invited to join our select group of hosts. Each and everyone of the properties must meet the discerning standard set by Ankie, Fern and Elke. I’m a bloke, so I don’t get much of a say. After 40 odd years in the Army they think living in Barracks doesn’t allow one to develop a discerning eye!! Welllllll……that may be true, but I do know enough to know that Qii House is wonderful and I could certainly see myself spending some downtime there: and hopefully we can one day soon. Thank you Heather for joining our team and sharing your Inspirational Accommodation with us.”

Women in Business

Relaxing and unwinding is the Qii

Eco-retreat Qii House located in Lorne was purchased by Heather Kolb in December 2007. It was “love at first sight”; like discovering a precious gem, a sacred piece of paradise on earth and in hiding, according to Heather. The quirky organic architecture was “cutting edge” and yet fit beautifully among the tall blue gums in the Otways’ landscape. Despite its dire need for some tender love and care, Heather immediately saw its vision as a venue for renewal and relaxation; which is constantly evolving. “For me, being at the house sometimes is to gain a sharper focus for a greater creative drive or meditation,” Heather said. “The natural environment gives great restorative energy. “The process and its creation also make me very happy.” Heather describes Qii House as a “spiritual spa”. “The promotion of mindfulness and wellbeing is impacted by engaging with the natural environment to restore energy, balance and healing, while time spent in nature meditation and relaxation is simple luxury. “It’s about ‘getting back to basics’, blocking out noise from ‘business as usual’ and shifting focus to the ‘art of living’ in harmony with nature’s rhythm.” Qii House offers a perfect space for creativity, a space to think and a pristine environment to inspire a weary spirit and to digitally detox. “A place where dreams become a reality.”