It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men’s hearts as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit. – Robert Louis Stevenson

Meet The Owner

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Read the background story about the Qii House Lorne host, Heather. John Van Klaveren immerses himself in the electic decor of Heather McFarlane-Kolb’s Villa De Mar.

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Thanks for having us Heather!
What a ripper place to bring in the New Year.

Ryan, Kelly, Kintija, Jacob, Lachie, Brad & Liv

Dear Heather,
I liked the cosy feel of the house and it felt like home and the bath was relaxing.

October 2023

Dear Heather,
I have had a lovely stay here. It has such a cosy feel to the house and the surrounds are beautiful. I enjoyed waking to the birds and wandering the track.
Thankyou for your hospitality,


Dear Heather,
Thanks for an awesome stay at Qii House!
We had an awesome time, and enjoyed our stay!
Thanks for helping us to achieve level 2 mindfulness!
Cannot wait to return to achieve level 3!

Love Harrison & Co xoxo (Ebony, Jack, Alex, Tash, Jesse & Kiara)

Dear Heather,
Thanks for being a lovely host. Your attention to detail is second to none.
Thankyou for making this weekend so special for us.
PS Comfiest bed ever!

Xx Palmer & Bell

We had such a lovely stay & chasing waterfalls.

August 2023
Love Kirks, Rob & family

Dear Heather,
Thankyou for creating & sharing such a beautiful & tranquil space!
We have all had the most wonderful weekend here!

August 2023
Sarah & Family

Heather thankyou so much for sharing this piece of heaven on earth with us!
We all loved every inch of it!

21 May 2023
Glau & family

Hi Heather I’m Curtis, place is so beautiful I just turned 10 10 day ago.
It like a 1 week late birthday present.

Love Curtis 2023

Heather it was such a pleasure to stay at your place. The comfort and peace I found here is unforgettable. My family adored every minute. Nice, quiet peaceful environment to connect with my kids.
I’m sure this experience is one they will remember for the rest of their life.

Heather you are a GEM.
I’m thankful for crossing paths with you.
I’ll be back for sure****

Love Maseline, Curtis, Caliyah, Cedric, Chiedza & Monwah

Thankyou Heather for a beautiful weekend.
The house is lovely and very relaxing.
We all had a great time.
The kids absolutely loved exploring the property.
Thanks again,

Oden, Mila, Toby, Dane, Gemma & Charl. Xx (Castlemaine)

Thankyou so much Heather, for sharing your beautiful property with us. 3 days was amazing, but not enough.
You’ve done an incredible job to create and maintain this little piece of paradise.

Love Shelley, Tam, Kim & Tasha. Xxxx

Dear Heather,
Thanks for a wonderful stay.
It was perfect for our little family to explore nature!

All the best, Luke, Sarah, Harry & Billy

Heather thankyou for creating a space where my brother & my family were able to reconnect and enjoy time and laughs together.
We left our cold Wisconsin winter to live for a week
In your special paradise!

Jan 12/2023
Aleks, Mel, Sash, Lucy, Isabelle, Tahli & Alex

Thankyou for letting us stay in your wonderful Qii House Heather!
We loved our stay and go home with recharged batteries☺
All the best and kind regards,

Joanne & Family (Belgium)

Dear Heather,

Thankyou for creating an amazing space.
The home has a beautiful energy and we
Loved the tranquility.

New Year 2023
Love the Sabilia Family.
PS It was a great way to start 2023

Dear Heather,
Thanks for the amazing stay!
We enjoyed it very much.

December 2022
The Stojanovski family

Dear Heather,
Thankyou for a wonderful stay
In your forest home.

Christmas 2022
From the Llewellyn/Childs family

Yes, we ABSOLUTELY loved it.
So much love into details you put in
Feeling very Zen’ed out☺

One idea maybe specialty teas like the brand “Innerstates”
Would be cute for the tearoom.

December 2022


Thankyou for letting us stay in your incredible home!
Such a unique space and so much more to discover at every turn.
Loved the bath house and outdoor shower.
We will be back.

December 2022
Orla & Co. XXX

Dear Heather,

Thankyou for the amazing stay.

We had a wonderful weekend thanks to you.

Thankyou in Korean!

Matt & Co

“Thankyou Qii House & Heather for a beautifully
Unique stay. Surprises around every corner filled our cups completely.
A treasured Spring renewal.”

Haylee, Ben, Fred Louie & Stella

“Dear Heather, Thankyou so much not just for hosting our stay, but for having the vision. To create this property! It is a work of art. Thanks to your creations, generations of young men are getting to benefit – we work for The Man Cave, a preventative mental health charity that equips young men with emotional intelligence and relationship skills so they can contribute to their Communities. Not only that, but we came here this weekend to initiate one of our friends into fatherhood. This property has held us becoming a Dad. This is, without a doubt, going to positively impact all our partners, children and families – generational change. So, from all 8 of us, Me (Matthew), Hunter, Nirojan, Al, Jason, Josh, Billy and Joel, and All our partners, thankyou.”

6 September 2022
The Man Cave Guys.

“Dear Heather, Thanks for the most lovely stay. We’re so grateful for this place and the energy it possesses. It was amazing to come back here and create more memories. You are a phenomenal host.

6 September 2022
Gabe, Dingo & Co.

“Heather, What a magical place you have created here. So peaceful and relaxing. The walk was wonderful, we took it slow, “perfect.” We will be back

September 2022
Sara, Paul & Eddie xxoo

“Dear Heather, Thank you for the most wonderful stay. You have been so accommodating and generous. We could not have asked for a more sensational Getaway. This space that you have created is truly an architectural masterpiece. The energy here vibrates at a different frequency and we feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

Thank you for allowing us to retreat in your haven, we are incredibly grateful for this experience.”

September 2022
Sienna, Adam, Matisse & Indiana

“Heather, Thank you so much for this opportunity to connect deeply with the world, ourselves and each other. Five days flew and we’re all glad this was the Destination we gravitated towards – supremely beautiful. It was lovely meeting you and we wish you all the best.”

September 2022
Ray & Co.

“What a lovely home! Thank you for a wonderful birthday stay!
That bath was by far the best bath I’ve ever had.”

September 2022
Ashleigh & Co.

“Thankyou Qii House and Heather for a beautifully unique stay. Surprises around every corner filled our cups completely. A treasured Spring renewal.”

29 September 2022
Haylee, Ben, Fred, Louie & Stella.

“Dear Heather, Thank you for the opportunity to reconnect with nature.
You can get so caught up in the fast paceof the “modern” world you forget to look around you and see how beautiful life can really be.”

24 July 2022

“Thankyou Heather for providing such a wonderful space for people to get together and share a wonderful time close to Mother Nature. Thankyou for protecting and taking care of this magical forest.
We have enjoyed a lovely family time and will definitely recommend this place to our friends. We hope to be back soon.”

12 Dec 2021
Daniela & Co

“You have created a space of pure love and intention, and I will be forever grateful for the moments and insights birthed in this gorgeous piece of land. Thankyou deeply for the effort and work you have put in , it is an embodiment of the creative potential that exists within this field. We are so inspired, rejuvenated and present, thanks to you and the CHI house. Your home, and the nature that holds it has brought our community together, synergy takes a whole new meaning. Paradise of the mind, body and soul. Thankyou Heather, thankyou mumma nature. This sanctuary gave us everything we need and more.”

14 Dec 2021
Reigon (Yels) Yelena

“Heart overflowing with gratitude, body in tune with the vibrancy of nature, mind at peace amongst the stillness of silence. Soul inspired by the art, the quotes, refusing the dance between life now in another world, space , the warmth of the bath beneath tree ferns, the awakening coolness of the outdoor shower afterward, the joy of hot pizza outdoor wood fired oven amongst a golden pink sunset silhouetted by the tallest eucalypt trees, the intricate details, the tea house enjoyed and amongst positive vibrations of good companionship in an environment of patience, kindness, compassion, it brings me to tears, as I step out to practice yoga and sip my tea, my senses buzzing at their highest potential.
Namaste Thankyou so deeply for the sanctuary you have created a held space in this wild world, truly an inspiration and a blessing to experience.”

12 Dec 2021

“Thankyou for a wonderful time. If only it was a week. The forest spoke to us. X”

21 Dec 2021

“Thankyou for this place! Absolutely amazing! After 18 months of lockdown, we couldn’t have been happier to escape to such a beautiful, peaceful and most of all relaxing environment. Truly magical.
We will be back for sure☺”

11 Nov 2021
Steve, Sarah, Mal & Lucy Helliger

“We could not have dreamt of a better place to say “I DO”
You have been an exceptional host, with so much love and care for not only your magnificent Qii House, but for all the guests lucky enough to find this hidden forest delight.
We will be back – you can count on it!!”

6 Nov 2021
Thomas and Phoebe Burton

“WOW!!! I love all the welding art. I do a bit of that kind of stuff and was feeling a bit lost in that area of my interests…not anymore!!! If we ever come back (Definitely will!!) I will be sure to bring you something to add to the collection. So inspiring; it’s the least I can do! But in general, we just loved it all! A little bit of peace in a chaotic world. It was good to get away from it all.:)”

6 Nov 2021
Brodie & Bianca

“It was so unique being in the rainforest. Cosy during a storm!
Thankyou for the very special hamper and the AMAZING setup. It was Great to reconnect with nature, family and ourselves with everything going on!
Looking forward to returning to this tranquil space soon.”

Oct 2021
The Wilson

“Thankyou Heather, for sharing this magical place with us.
After all these lockdowns , it was wonderful to spend time together, get back to nature, ignite all our senses in this peaceful space you’ve created.
We hope to come back someday soon to share the experience with our family and friends.
Until then…”

12 Sept 2021
Shev & B

“We loved our time here, However cut so short by lockdown(7). All of the small touches , your thoughtful words and beautiful calming surroundings made this a stay to remember. Our family feels stronger moving forward, may this space bring love and light to you.”

2 Aug 2021
Carla, Joel, Maddock, Hamish & Elizabeth

“The Qii house is a wonderful and refreshing experience that I’d suggest to anyone wanting to be completely immersed in nature. Breathing in the crisp mountain air and being surrounded by a magical forest is everything you could ask for. Will always remember and feel immensely grateful for this experience.”

19 Jul 2021

“Qii House was everything we hoped for and more! It was an oasis and a retreat from the real world. The house itself is spacious, the rooms have all have unique decor and the highlight for us was the large deck overlooking the forest. Heather made us feel incredibly welcome with a beautiful hamper full of fresh produce and the little individual boxes with homemade toiletries were a lovely touch. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an escape from the city.”

12 Jul 2021

“Such a charming house. Heather put a lot of effort to all the little details. Highly recommend.”

3 Jul 2021

“Wow! This place was absolutely incredible! Waking up to tree top views, little walks on the property with beautiful places to sit and relax, and the most relaxing outdoor bath. Beautiful personal touches like a hand written note and gorgeous hamper to start off a perfect weekend away. I can’t wait to come back!”

29 May 2021

“Such an amazing place with a spectacular host. I can’t wait to return!”

17 May 2021

“A tranquil home in the mountains. Beautiful touches of hampers and activities to do. EV charger friendly. Lovely way to decompress.”

9 May 2021

“Loved the quirkiness of the house, tied in beautifully with our 70s themed cocktail night. Perfect relaxing destination for 8 tired Mum’s wanting to catch up after a long year of home schooling. Thanks Heather for the gorgeous home to call ours for a couple of days x”

14 Apr 2021

“Had a great stay with friends at Qii house. Located a short drive from Lorne it, the property is in a serene forest – we loved lounging on the deck in the sunshine and the outdoor bathtub. Perfect after a day ziplining and exploring the waterfalls nearby! And we made good use of the pizza oven :)”

23 Mar 2021

“QII house (Heather’s House), was the prefect place for our extended family to spend a long weekend. With no real distractions, other than nature, we were able to relax and enjoy each others company. The house and facilities are well thought out and comfortable. It is obvious that Heather has gone to a lot of trouble to make sure perfect strangers will be relaxed and happy, credit to her. Her communication pre our weekend was prompt and concise, friendly and helpful.
In short: Highly recommended for a relaxing, peaceful time away from normal life’s stresses…
Cheers Peter and families.”

9 Mar 2021

“We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Qii House. Everything was spectacular and my firends and I are definitely going to get back there soon. The environment was so relaxing and tranquil in Qii hoise and the outdoor hot tub, was just the cherry on top. If you’re gonna be there, don’t forget to get the stuff to make a gormet woodfired pizza there. Thanks Heather for such a beautiful place.”

8 Jan 2021

“Wow, what a beautiful stay. We arrived to find a beautiful home lit up with a fire ready to go to warm the house. We woke up to an amazing sunrise and experienced the calm of staying in a rainforest. We enjoyed exploring the house and surrounds by discovering the Tranquil Walk and Zen garden. For dinner, we got the pizza oven going and enjoyed a warm and pleasant dinner as a group. Would highly recommend staying here and experiencing the outdoor shower and bath. A lovely reminder to reconnect with nature. Thank you, would highly recommend this stay.”

19 July 2021
Tara (Riparide)

“Hi Heather, My partner and i are looking for a relaxing escape for his birthday. Qii house looks amazing! Hoping to be able to enjoy your funky house 🙂

This is AMAZING! Thank you Heather.x Paradise.xx Thank you so much! We had the best time! A beautiful escape. P.S. It snowed! It was amazing.xx

Our stay at Qii house was incredible. From the moment we arrived, our stay was peaceful, tranquil and relaxing. 
We enjoyed the walk around the rainforest, a relaxing outdoor bath while it snowed. it was a truly magical getaway.”

23-25 July 2021
Susan & Luke (Riparide)

“Dear Heather, thankyou for having us in your magical home. The care you have put into the home and the outdoors is breath taking.”

15 July 2021
Julia & Co

“What a most beautiful stay we have all enjoyed together here. Thankyou! Your thoughtful and expressive creativity is beautifully expressed in this delightful forest house. Wishing you peace, love & happiness in abundance.”

July 2021
Chris, Justin, Jono & Reuben & Julesy & Emma & Saurabth, Lil, Oshie & Fojur

“Thankyou for our beautiful stay in this tranquil retreat. We have thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with nature. We found the house inviting and unique. May the calm vibes continue as we adventure onwards”

29 June 2021
Tara, Jessie, Sarah, Emmilee, Darcee, Cassie and Abhi

“We love coming back every time! So many new improvements and such a heavenly place.”

30 May 2021
Eat, Play & Stay

Hi Heather, we would love to book your house for a few days getaway and rest with a group from my business as a team building experience. Hoping you can accommodate us as your place is amazing.
Thank you for having us we will be back!

23-25 May 2021

Hi Heather, we can’t wait to visit this gorgeous place…
Thank you so much for the beautiful letter and hamper. What a beautiful thought! Thanks so much and have a wonderful night.

21-23 May 2021

Thanks so much Heather, the weekend was so relaxing. An absolute amazing place, I hope to return soon!…
Hey Heather, this might seem out of the blue but a lot of us found your beds extremely comfy. I was wondering if you happen to know what brand they are? I was in the King next to the kitchen on the ground floor if that helps.

7-9 May 2021

Qii House was our first stay away since our 2 year old was diagnosed with Autism. A break from his ongoing therapy and this time was much needed. My neurotypical 3 year old was convinced we would see fairies at night. My son kept saying “pram” and “dinosaur” prompting us to take him exploring. As a spiritual, it was invigorating to reconnect with nature. I will be sure to return (perhaps without the children). Thank you to the creators of this sanctuary.

15-17 April 2021

Thanks for a beautiful stay. Mumma’s weekend away in a beautiful house with amazing serenity.
Thanks Heather!

9-11 April 2021
Sarah & crew

Thank you for having us Qii House! We had a magical Easter long weekend among the Otways.

2-5 April 2021
Ruby, Vicky, John, Geta & Charlie

Thank you so much for opening your magical and historic house to us. We are good friends with cute little families. Our kids enjoyed the serene surrounding & amazing garden walks. Forest walk was so much fun and divine too. I haven’t got enough words to even describe how we felt about staying; a beautiful nest.

12-14 Mar 2021
Pooja & Sid, Cinto & Anu, Pooja & Akki & 2 Lovely kids

Thankyou for a wonderful place to stay. We LOVED the peace & quiet being surrounded by nature and surrounding areas. We’d love to come back again.

5-7 Mar 2021
From the Mackies

THANKYOU! This place is really unique and beautiful.

26-28 Feb 2021
Love from Ellie & friends

Heather! Thankyou for opening your magical home to us. We had a fantastic time. Until next time.

22 Feb 2021
Connie, Mel, Carmen, Jess, Jane & Bec. XX

What a wonderful weekend of peacefulness, mindfulness & friendship we all had together – love, laughter & relaxation with our 4 couples of old friends, a lovely experience we had in your home! Lots of love

6 Feb 2021
Carole & John, Annie & Steph, Namaste Brian & Collette & Gop & Shari
Chimpapa Kor dor zor Vadente

Wow just in and settled about to walk. Absolutely beautiful setting and thankyou so much for the hamper and wine. Absolutely divine to be able to spend time here with our adult children.

What an awe – inspiring surrounding. Such a beautiful home with plenty of space for everyone and fantastic communal areas also. The walks, the birds, the wildlife in general, books, games, magazines. A lovely welcome hamper and card that made us feel at home. Thank you for the opportunity to share with our beautiful family. A wonderful getaway with our beautiful family.

15-19 Jan 2021
The Trigg Clan

Thankyou Heather, for a serene COVID getaway. Loved the birds, bush and the darling ‘antechinustastic’ which greeted us at the window.

27-29 Nov 2020
Cheryl Adam
(“Lillian’s Eden”) Read it

“Have some Qii. Just a dip to replenish! So many special spaces In the gorgeous trees. Thanks”


“We have had an unforgettable time! Thank you”

R & G

“Thankyou so much for creating such a beautiful, inspirational space for our 40th, 50th & 51st Birthdays where we can replenish our souls. Lots of Love”

Emma & Ben

11-13 Dec 2020

“To dearest Heather, We cannot begin to thank you, for the memories, experiences, awakenings and epiphanies we experienced on the multitude of nature walks we ventured upon. The vessel you provided us to embark on our life changing journey was unmistakably irreverent!

The snippets of wisdom we were lucky enough to experience on our journey were truly life changing and we cannot thank you enough. We will forever hold you in our hearts.

Yo! Heather, You gave us a mint experience! You are a babe!!!!”

4-6 Dec 2020
Will, Alex, Charlie, Lenny, Nic, Ed, Ryan & Pat

“Hi Heather, the timing of this stay is during the new lockdown period and we live in the areas that are part of this so we cannot come during this time, it finishes the weekend after this date, I believe. We would still love to come but it would have to be made for a later date because of the lockdown as my husband passed away yesterday and this was for our 28th wedding anniversary so would still love to celebrate this as he was really looking forward to it…

During this tumultuous year, it was great to spend quality time with my family in this very special place. There was always something new to see around corner.

It is lovely walking up to the bush all around and birds singing. It was a great place to celebrate my 28th wedding anniversary – even though my husband wasn’t here, he was here in spirit.

Thanks Heather! We will treasure the memories made this weekend. Such a lovely place.”

27 Nov 2020
Debbie McAdam

“Thank you Heather, We had the most amazing weekend at Qii House. The special touches you provided made it all the more special. We were taken aback by the high quality of the artwork throughout the house, my brother was especially impressed as is friendly with and has studied with Daniel Butterworth.”


“Dear Heather, We wish to thank you for your amazing generosity. Our stay at Qii has been full of fun and love. The 50th Birthday celebration was all we could’ve wished for. We leave feeling refreshed and relaxed and will return. With love and appreciation.”

Amanda and Darren

“We felt privileged to have been in this beautiful place.”

Max and Kathy

“Thank you so much for allowing us to enjoy and relax in your space for my husband’s 50th birthday. We were both extremely relaxed and present in your space Qii, it’s Unique and inviting.”

James and Katrina

20-22 Nov 2020

“Thanks Heather. It looks fantastic out here. Everything has come together beautifully. Pond looks brilliant, that area is awesome. It’s such a calming place out here. I really needed it today, to realign. Its just been madness the last couple of months and will be up until Christmas, but it’s great to get some peace. The world is a fractured place, but is on the mend hopefully. Hammocks all up and the colours do look great against the green. They were bigger than I thought so used trees on all except Ukiyo. I did try them out and nearly couldn’t leave. A cold beer and I would have been there all afternoon. Anyway, hope you are well. It’s a credit to you seeing everything you battled through to produce this. Take care. Speak soon.”

20 Nov 2020
Aaron Gordon, my chippy!

“I’ve been meaning to write to tell you how amazing the property is and that we have loving every second thus far, thank you for the amazing hamper, wine and hand -written note, such thoughtful and beautiful details. I am in heaven! Thank you, we think you are fabulous for what you have created.”


“Heather is clearly an exceptional human, you know this purely by the meticulous detail, beauty and energy that Qii house exudes. We escaped after Melbourne lockdown lifted and arriving at this eco retreat was exactly what we were looking for, it was beyond our expectations in fact, (and I had many after having little exposure to raw nature for over 6 months). The house was perfect for sharing as it has a myriad of divine little break out zones, and the communal area is cosy and well thought out. The kitchen was probably the only space in the house that was restricted but works well if just one person is cooking at a time, the outside table provides a great space for doing food prep too, especially when making pizzas in the fabulous pizza oven. I was there with my mum, my hubby and kids and with my sister’s family and we were in utter joy.”

“The view from the deck is something to behold, there are no interruptions between you and the expansive horizon, all while being nestled in the beautiful rain forest. The pavilion set away from the house is perfection for yoga practice and meditation as this too is surrounded by pure beauty. The drive to the property is something else, I did not hear or see any cars until reaching Lorne township. Everyone must also experience the hot tub as heather provides beautiful details such as therapy salts, candles and petals to create the perfect way to end a magical day. There is surreal walking track inside the property, reminiscent of a true children’s fairy tale, it’s a magical ‘slow’ walk for everyone to experience the power of ‘forest bathing’. I’m in love with this place and can’t wait to return. Thank you.”

9-16 Nov 2020
Carla Room & Family

“I am proposing to my partner Melissa on the Saturday morning prior to arriving so anything you can do to make her stay as special as possible would be greatly appreciated.”


“Hi Heather all settled in well here. Thank you so much for your generous gifts and well wishes, we are so happy here and glad I made the decision to stay. The house and surrounds are beautiful. Hi Heather, have just cleaned and locked up and heading home now. Thanks for all you provided, we had a fantastic time….Heather thank you for your generous gifts and kind words. We loved our escape to Qii House in the bush. Was great spending time with just the two of us. Many thanks for all you provided.”

17-19 Oct 2020
Mike & Mel

“Hi Heather, thank you for a lovely stay.”

12-15 Oct 2020
Duncan & Paula

“Heather, thank you for a wonderful and relaxing weekend! Your home gave us so much enjoyment and peace!! We will see you again. – Heather thanks again, it was an excellent getaway we loved it.”

26-29 Sept 2020
Mark & Family

“Thank you for a wonderful stay.”

6-9 Jul 2020
Fletcher Family

“Talk about the perfect city escape! From the minute we turned off the main road and winded our way through the forest, I knew we were in for a treat. Qii House is such a memorable stay – a truly creative and unique house in a stunning forest setting with a generous and thoughtful host. We had the dreamiest weekend and as someone who struggles to unplug and unwind, I can honestly say that Qii House made it effortless. Thank you so much and we’ll see you again soon!”

3-5 Jul 2020
Rose Funkenhouse & Friends

“Qii house was amazing, everything about the house and property was perfect and so well considered, we left feeling very relaxed at a time when we all need it more than we could imagine. Heather was a dream to deal with and we’ll definitely be coming back, if we could organise a subscription to this house we would.”

29 Jun 2020
Amy Davis & friends

“We had a absolutely perfect weekend here! The forest surrounding the house is truly magical. And the bath tub is just as special as it looks. A rare find – couldn’t recommend it highly enough.”

23 Jun 2020
Jen Clark & friends

“We have no words to describe how transformative Qii House was to us. Three months here was everything we have always dreamed of.”

14 Jun 2020
Gabe & Dingo Dean Hampel

“Hope you’re doing well in all this craziness. We stayed at your beautiful home a few months ago, and I was wondering if you sold the candles you provide to your guests? They were so beautifully fragrant and I would love to be able to fill my house with that smell and pretend I was back at your beautiful eco lodge!”

11 Apr 2020

“Thanks for making your place available to us. We had a very relaxing weekend. It was a very comfy place to stay on a colder weekend. The rainforest walk was a standout.”

23 Mar 2020

“Was wonderful finally meeting up with you on Tuesday at the MAGICAL Qii House.
What an incredibly inspirational place for the heart, soul & mind you have there. Commendations go out to you for your vision & hard work in creating your own piece of paradise which many travellers will come and experience as well. Just simply amazing.”

Steve Kritopolous

“Thank you for the hospitality and for an amazing weekend. It’s such an inviting and beautiful place for people to come together in. It was very kind of you to bring together the wine and the hamper. We will definitely refer anyone who is looking for a place to stay. It really is a special place.”

15 Mar 2020
Chandima and friends (Thankyou from Sri Lanka)

“Quirky Revitalizing. We loved the property with so many different things to explore, but at the same time relax and just take in the beautiful surrounds. Perfect weekend away.”

9 March 2020
HomeAway – Laureen O’ Hanlon

“Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home and paradise with myself and family. It certainly does allow you to reset your mind and relax. Definitely ‘my kinder place.'”

9 March 2020
Laureen, John & family

“Thank you for a wonderful and homely stay.
Had a nice relaxing getaway amongst peace and quiet.”

27 Jan 2019

“Hey Heather we’ve arrived and it’s amazing!….thanks for clarifying! We did Erskine Falls and that was wonderful…everything has been great so far. Have a nice day.” – Tom

“Qii House was amazing. For most of our stay the weather was average but we didn’t have any issues being at Qii house. On day one, with good weather we went to Erskine Falls and the local beach. Day two was raining so we went into town, did a bit of wandering around and then went to Qdos art gallery which had a nice exhibition running. The coffee was alright but the cakes were great! On the other days we did the great Ocean road to Apollo Bay and spent some time exploring and did a few random walks.

Qii house is well off the main roads. It’s quiet and you can hear the birds and wind in the trees every time you step out the door. It’s peaceful, beautiful and takes away any stresses you might have. The amenities are great. The wooden fireplace was great in the evenings when it was cold and the BBQ and other outdoor oven offer multiple culinary options. The house is stocked with board games and other yoga, meditation and fitness gear.

If you’re looking for some quiet time off grid to relax and rejuvenate, Qii house is a must!”

“A wonderful place for bonding and memory making.” – Love Francesca & Marius NYNY

“Great family weekend.” – Catherine (Tom’s mum). NYNY

“Dear Heather, Thank you for sharing your beautiful space. The nature walk was a highlight. We will be back. Best wishes for the rest of 2020.”

12 Jan 2020
Carol & Tom

“If you’re looking for a place to disconnect from the world and ignite all of your senses then this is your spot. We spent 3 pretty magical days there with friends and our two babies walking through the forest, soaking in the outdoor tub, cooking pizzas in the oven on the deck and hanging out in one of the most unique properties we’ve ever stayed at. Would happily recommend.”

20 Nov 2019
Jesse Hisco and friends

“Beautiful house in a very scenic location. Heather was very hospitable, the walk around the house was stunning and the amenities inside were perfect. Would highly recommend staying here!”

2-4 Nov 2019
Kevin Fernandes

“Just wanted to let you know we had a fantastic relaxing weekend away at your Qii house – the forest walk was particularly beautiful and serene, even if we did have to dodge the hailstorms!

Thank you so much, the thought and detail gone into everything both inside and outside the house made the stay so memorable and special. I think we are all keen to make it an annual tradition.”

25-27 Oct 2019

“This place is truly magical. The attention to detail goes beyond any rental I’ve had. It’s utterly cosy with everything you need. The fire is a real winner, and the outdoor spaces so quaint and peaceful. I couldn’t recommend enough, if you’re after a couples retreat getaway, this place is serenity.

Thanks so much Heather, the touches and details are worth the effort.

The place you have is so beautiful, we were rained in most weekend but was so nice and cosy, the touches are wonderful. We would have loved to enjoy the sun in all the outdoor areas available, so I think we’ll have to rebook in the summer at some point! I’d highly recommend to anyone looking for a weekend away.

We think we saw you on the way back, is your number play I <3 Qii ?
Thanks so much again, we had a blast!”

21 Oct 2019
Charlie Ralph & friends

“The QII house was an amazing getaway. All the quirky little touches definitely made for a weekend to relax and not have to leave.”

27-29 September 2019
Holly Williams

“I love what you’re doing there. What a perfect retreat! I think capturing the Forest Therapy within the same story will be a fantastic advertisement for your business. I would definitely love to stay there with the family one day so might just take you up on that offer down the track. Thanks again. Will be in touch before it goes to air.”

20 September 2019
Angie Hilton – destinationhappiness.com

“We had an AMAZING DAY enjoying the Otways shooting Happy Travels for
@destinationhappinesstv with @forest_therapy_australasia and @qiihouse loved it. Thanks Heather”

20 September 2019

“Thank you, again, for your interest in Forest Therapy and making your “Zaborin Walk” an INFTA-Certified Forest Therapy Trail.
Following our final inspection on 20.09.19, we have compiled the respective
inspection report.
Congratulations, your “Zaborin Walk” adjacent to Qii House fulfils all relevant criteria
to obtain the INFTA-Forest Therapy Trail Certification and Accreditation with INFTA!
Thus, we will recommend to INFTA’s Executive Committee that this certification and
accreditation be officially granted to you. The Executive Committee will make its
decision during its next monthly meeting in October. I expect to be able to forward to
you the official certificate at the end of October.
There is no doubt that Qii House is an interesting, up-market alternative for those
who seek well-being and a get-away from the hectic urban life in a remote, natural
setting. This was nicely underscored by the presence of Channel 9 staff during our
inspection. Offering your clients and customers the additional benefit of the INFTA-
Certified Forest Therapy Trail is surely and added value! Wishing you all the best of success in your endeavours.”

20 September 2019
Dieter & Susan

“Thankyou Heather for donating to “Red Faces Variety Show”, SA in support of mental health awareness. We all had a wonderful stay. Your house is wonderfully peaceful.Your generosity was a lovely surprise. Thankyou – Best night’s sleep ever”

13-15 September 2019
Glenyis and friends, Amy, Simon, Graeme & Carol, Natasha, Nigella

“This place is amazing. Not only is the house beautifully designed but there’s a lot of thought gone into what’s inside too. Lots of little touches around the house to make the stay special. Amazing surrounds with lots of trees and a fantastic little private walk onsite. Highly recommend!”

“I just wanted to write you a private message to say how much we adored your house! It’s a beautiful building firstly. The art inside is wonderfully curated and endlessly interesting. Then the setting and surrounds took us all by surprise. We were deep in the forest bathing and it’s such a lovely touch to have a private forest path from the house itself. Finally, all the little personal touches really capped off a 5 star stay. Candles and wine, the hamper, food and other little gifts took us all by surprise. Sincerely, I want to thank you, from all of us for facilitating a great weekend!”

“We had an amazing stay and I wanted you to know that! It’s such a special space you have created. I’m delighted to hear you are putting more into the forest track. I’m big on sculptures so that fills me with happiness to hear there will be some along the path. As it is, the furniture is beautiful along the path. But more than that is the sense of peace and wonderment that the house and surrounds exudes. We all felt it and nobody wanted to leave! You’re right about my nationality, I am Irish. Currently living in Melbourne. I’ve spent a lot of time in NZ and lived in the mountains there for a little while so I enjoy the total immersion in nature. While I like Australia, I really enjoy getting out of the city as it’s not quite me so the provision of your house last weekend means a lot.”

30 August 2019
Conor Mahony

“Thanks for an amazing trip. What an amazing house. Thanks for great hospitality.”

30 August 2019
Lucy, Paul, Eoin, Conor, Jenny, Betty, Dani

“Thankyou Heather, This little piece of heaven has rejuvenated me and
Inspired me to live life more fully. Thankyou! Rebecca”

“Thankyou Heather this house is amazing, it is in such a beautiful setting. You added so many beautiful touches. It has been beautiful. Regards Carmel”

“This serene oasis embraced by the warmth and tranquillity of the rainforest is somewhere quite magical. So much extra value in all the detail and little gifts. Thank you so much Heather. Love Debbie.”

“Such a wonderful place to stay surrounded by the tranquillity relaxing in the cosy warmth of your bush retreat home. Escaping life to have a break here has helped me to unwind and forget about home routine for a while. Thankyou for all the wonderful touches Heather. Sandra x”

30 June 2019
Rebecca, Carmel, Debbie, Sandra

“Hi Heather, Qii House was so tranquil and cosy on the weekend. Yesterday was torrential wild weather, but we loved being ensconced indoors wrapped in the beautiful artful surroundings. So many little beautiful extras too. Thank you so much. It was perfect and exactly what I needed (I will have to revisit in summer some time).
Thanks again generous woman….it is such a delight being there. You have created such a wonderful masterpiece.”

28-30 June 2019

“Thankyou so much for having us. All the thoughtful extras make this place stand alone. The house is beautiful, as was our weekend!

As a group of 6 adults Qii house was perfect for us. We didn’t venture further than the property, everything we needed for a relaxing weekend was already there. The photos of the house don’t do it justice, it’s a really special space that feels very welcoming and comfortable.

The multiple heating options meant that despite being there in freezing weather, we were warm at all times. The kitchen was well equipped with everything you need, the beds were very comfortable and there were lots of options of where to spend your time; in the main living area with the coonara, on the large outdoor deck with beautiful views, at the bar area or other outdoor spaces. The extra thoughtful touches made the stay feel extra lux – the bathroom hamper for each guest, the candles, wine, personalised card and food hamper.

Overall, we just loved our time at Qii house and I can highly recommend it to anyone looking for a peaceful, secluded weekend away.”

21-23 June 2019
Charlotte Whiting from a review on Riparide

“Hi Heather…..it’s so wonderful here. Quirky, fun, relaxing. We have enjoyed the goodies, walked the track, bathed, meditated….cheers back Monica.
Hi Heather we are still enjoying ourelves immensely. Just back from Forrest Soupfest.
Hi Heather Pizza was fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here.
Thanks for your love and attention to your property. Nature is beautiful.
We are leaving now. All good, will leave the key in the box and hope to come again one day.”

7–10 June 2019
Monica & Geoffrey and boys

“A beautiful testimonial from one of the amazing women who attended the “Divine Goddess Awakening Women’s Retreat last weekend, my heart is filled with joy and love!! So happy.” – Nikki O’Brien. Holistic Wellness Goddess/Natural Therapy Pages

“This experience has altered my life. I didn’t know what to expect, I knew I wanted to connect in with the root of who I was. I have always been told I am powerful, but I never really felt like I was, until all of a sudden, I was thrusted into a certain situation. I channeled a language I never knew I could speak! I didn’t recognize it, it all came through naturally, and I was witnessing this, everything that was coming through was all the pain, everything to be healed, and transmuted not only for myself but for others around me. This is the moment that changed my life forever, the moment when I came into my own, the moment when I realized just how ancient, powerful and beautiful my soul was, and is.

When you go through such an experience you can never really go back to the way you were. Nikki held such a beautiful space for all of us women, we all connected on such a deep level and a sisterhood was born.

The setting was amazing deep in lush forest of Qii House Lorne, I would highly recommend doing this retreat, if you were at a point in your life where you’ve done the work but you just need that last push to get over the line to find out a deeper intrinsic part of who you are, to unlock parts of yourself you never knew you had.

I want to go back! In fact I would definitely go back again, thank-you Nikki, and all of the wonderful women who came on the journey, and most importantly thank-you to the Goddesses for coming in for us all. All of my divine love to you,”

9 May 2019
Emily F

“Hi Heather, It was lovely to meet you too. We had a lovely weekend. Thankyou so much for allowing us into your divine space! It is magic! I hope to be back in summer.”

3-6 May 2019

“I have to say, Qii House is definitely one of my very favourite places on Host Unusual – definitely on my bucket list if I ever come back to Australia (which I certainly hope to do)! I love that era of architecture, and it just looks like the most relaxing and serene place to stay too. Have a great day.”

Dawn Crawford – Writer and co- founder – Host Unusual

“A really great stay – highly recommended. We had 8 people and it was very roomy and enough places to all sit around the fire place and at the dining table. A full array of cutlery, white goods, appliances – more than you could even imagine! Definitely a place that you can cook at and not have to go out for meals. The house is also very interesting with a lot of different art – very intriguing to the eyes. Heather is also a very lovely host – easy to communicate with and very friendly. Will definitely come back and stay again!”

Easter 2019

“Hi Heather, Thank you for showing me around your lovely retreat yesterday, and for including some peace poles in the landscape that will hopefully enhance the contemplation that will be going on there as people visit. You have created an oasis of peace and tranquility out there in the wonders of nature. It was very good to see what your efforts have produced. It will be a haven for those who come to share your vision.”

18 April 2019
Peter Clapinski, PFC Services P/L, T/A PFC Signs

“Hi Heather, we’ve had a wonderful stay here so far!!! Sad to be leaving tomorrow. The house is just charming!!! …..Thanks so much Heather wonderful hospitality.

Thank you for having us here at Qii House over the Easter break. We visited the Live Wire Park, Erskine Falls and strolled through the Lorne Market by the beach. We’ve loved every moment of our stay at Qii House from exploring little nooks around the house to relaxing out on the spacious deck. The outdoor fire was mesmerizing and the fireplace kept us warm during colder nights –apologise for using all the kindling!

Thank you very much for your hospitality and for being so responsive to our queries, we would definitely recommend this place to others.

Hope you enjoyed your Easter break as much as we did!”

19-22 April 2019
Lena & Jae, Kee & Igot, Caroline & Bruce, Teddy & Anna & Wilson

“Dear Heather, Thank you so much for everything you allowed our family trip to be. A wonderful relaxing getaway and to reset. You have such a beautiful place surrounded by the most enchanting, magical forest. All our love and thanks,”

8-11 March 2019
The Fenech family

“Dear Heather, We really enjoyed our stay here in your beautiful house. Loved the décor, being able to wake up surrounded by Views of trees – all the spots to discover Wish we could have been here longer and hope to Return. It was a special place to celebrate my 50th.”

14-16 February 2019
Nathalie and family

“The stay was amazing, me and the girls love the tranquility every time we stay there. It is like stepping into another world whenever we arrival. Thank you so much for allowing us the privilege to stay in your beautiful house again. Take care. Kindest regards.”

8-10 February 2019

“Hi Heather, Thank you for our lovely stay.”

3-11 January 2019

“What a fabulous location to spend a few days relaxing and recharging our batteries. Our group of friends spent the days walking through the bush, sitting on the decks in the sun, enjoying cooking a BBQ one night and Pizza the next night. Mornings were magnificent with the sun breaking through, the birds singing, and the “serenity” so enjoyable. Thank you for your hospitality.”

16-18 November 2018
Tony & Debbie

“Thank you for sharing your lovely home. What a fantastic weekend had by all. Amazing stay!!!”

The Greenhalgh, Hosking, Medew, Marsh, Spence Family

“We would all like to thank you for your generous donation to the Give Where You Live Foundation. We have all had a lovely, relaxing weekend away in your beautiful house.
The delicious hamper was enjoyed by all. Everywhere you look there is something different to look at. We will definitely be back.”

9-11 November 2018
Ange and crew

“Hi heather, thanks so much for the weekend we had an amazing time. The kids ran wild and the adults ate drank and laughed a lot it was awesome.
Your house and property worked wonderfully for us and it truly does have an amazing feel and energy going on. Thanks so much again and good luck with all your projects.” – Mandy

“Mandy and I wanted to say a big thank you for our stay and celebration (Mandy’s 50th) with our family. It was such a perfect, cosy location with plenty of food, drinks and kids running around. There’s something calming and centering about spending time in such a beautiful, natural environment.” – Tony

21 October 2018
Mandy & Tony

“I just wanted to write and say thank you for sharing the incredible Qii House. It really is a wonderful space and lush environment in which to get together with friends. It was everything I expected and so much more. We spent so much of the beautiful weekend on the front deck, enjoying the sun, food, and each other’s company in the rich, re-energising and revitalising forest. Very grounding.

Thank you again for your expert hospitality and sharing of the gift that is Qii House. We all hope to return again same time next year.”

15 October 2018

“It was a huge honour to have been shortlisted and here are the comments the HomeAway judges made about your property during the selection phase.”

Sally Godfrey
Homeaway Partner Marketing Manager

“This property is so unique! With it’s amazing whimsical architecture and retro furnishings it is such an adventure throughout. It also looks incredibly relaxing and the forest location is sensational.”

29 Sept 2018
Wendy Moore
(Editor in Chief Home Beautiful, Judge, House Rules) & Charley Albone (Award Winning Landscape Gardener, Selling Houses Australia).

“Thank you very much for having us, we had a fantastic stay and wonderful romantic escape. We look forward to come back again to experience some more special time in this unique and relaxing environment. The new Tea house looks very nice. Thank you for the breakfast and welcoming champagne. We will dream to come back.”

23 Sept 2018
Anastasia and Anton

“Qii is amazing, you have so much flair with colour and gardening. A generous host of an amazing property. Thank you.”

30 September 2018
Lisa Frawley

“There is a magical place near LORNE that is on my wish list of places to stay. We have been making candles for them for over a year now, and have been able to watch this place develop into a beautiful tranquil haven. Qii House Lorne wow! My kind of dream getaway.”

24 August 2018
Frieda & Gus

Our family of 8 celebrated a birthday staying at Qii House. We arrived in fog and rain (what do you expect in the Otways in August?) and drove up the meandering bush-lined lane to find this amazing property.

We delighted in discovering the quirky house fittings, art works, yellow or red appliances etc in the house. Thank you Heather for providing the fantastic hamper – chocolates, fruit, biscuits, jam, wine, the best granola ever (Irrewarra Granola Co) etc, along with some much appreciated provisions in the red fridge.

The split system, and wood heater meant the house was soon very cosy. Instead of sitting in front of a TV we listened to music and laughed so much playing different games.

The house was very clean, beds comfortable and guest toiletries/candles a thoughtful touch. I can imagine how lovely the property is in warmer weather with the outside tea room, large decks with BBQ and pizza oven etc. and cool forest walks.

Sunday morning brought sunshine and we all enjoyed meandering around the garden admiring all the sculptures, hand-crafted wooden chairs & benches, very healthy looking Japanese inspired garden beds and plants. A memorable weekend for our family. Thank you again Heather.

5 August 2018
Kerrie Purcell

Thank you for providing such an amazing/beautiful/relaxing house. Everything is perfect and lovely, and we had a wonderful 2 day trip at your place. I would like to stay here for one week if possible – two days is not enough.

Will definitely come back with all my best friends. Thank you again!!!

22 July 2018
Jessie Liu

“What a fabulous, quirky, special place to stay…we sat, bathed, watched and listened and even the teenagers got off their screens! Thank you for all the provisions and advice. xxx”

March 2018
The Knotts
Professor Harriet Hiscock MB BS, FRACP, MD

Group Leader, Community Health Services Research, Centre for Community Child Health, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute Director, Health Services Research Unit, The Royal Children’s Hospital Principal Fellow, Department of Paediatrics, The University of Melbourne 50 Flemington Road Parkville, Victoria 3052 Australia

“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods.
There is a rapture on the lonely shores.
There is society, where none intrude
By Qii house, and music in its roar.
I love not man the less, but nature more.”
-Lord Byron-

“Thank you so much for having us, for Letting us in a piece of your world – your dreams- as Qii House breathes all That you are – a one of a kind, exceptional Warm hearted person. I love absolutely everything Qii House is. All the best, Stay wild! X”

14 Feb 2018 “Valentine’s Day”
Laura Coolen (travel writer) & Robert. The Netherlands.
www.whatabouther.nl & www.thebohoguide.com

“Everything is wonderful.”

22-27 Jan 2018
Daniel Kelsey, Abu Dhabi, UAE (Dubai)

“Thank you for having us for a very pleasant stay at Qii House. We all agree that this house has been totally unique to any of places we’ve stayed on our trip around Australia. We particularly enjoyed sitting out in the back decking and listening to the noises of the forest, going for walks around the house and visiting Erskine Falls. We appreciated the lovely gifts you left us and to leave the property relaxed and recuperated! Many Thanks again.”

4–6 Jan 2018
The Davidsons & Matt. UK

“Dear Heather, Thank you for a lovely stay at your amazing house. We very much enjoyed the forest and the outdoor deck. What a magical place.”

Emma Davidson – UK

“We had a great stay at Heather’s lovely home. From our massive welcome basket with complimentary bottle of wine to the thoughtfully stocked fridge and the gorgeous and quirky décor, the house is a delight. You really feel like you’re ‘off the grid’ when staying there. It’s nestled in beautiful native bush and is wonderfully quiet, with the only sounds to wake you from birds and wind chimes. There’s so much space to enjoy too – the deck in particular is perfect. It’s huge and the perfect spot for a sundowner or BBQ or just to curl up with a book in the sun. I hope to be back one day soon!”

Boxing Day 2017 – 2 January 2018
ZARA LOMAS – Business Support Manager

“Thank you for allowing us to experience the Qii house. Your home is immaculate and the rooms are beautifully decorated yet cozy. Enjoying the deck under the trees with friends and warm fireplace have been a very memorable way to spend Christmas. The house is fully equiped and we could cook our Christmas dinner successfully! My friends and I were happy with the place. We love the architecture and will be delighted to come back again anytime soon.”

26 December 2017
Mia Adams

“Dear Heather, Thank you for producing/creating such an amazing relaxing environment. It’s Perfect. Every little touch, the gorgeous art and natural environment are perfectly blended. Couldn’t ask for more. Every corner tells a story. ‘Let nature surround your senses – be at one with the environment and breathe.'”

23-26 November 2017
Fiona Lucas

“Thank-you so much for having us at your beautiful home. You have really thought of everything and made our stay amazing. Your attention to detail and the peace and love you have put into your paradise is beautiful. ‘Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.'”

10-12 November 2017
The Jago Family

“This is a perfect place for relaxing; probably one of the best we have ever been. Thanks for making sure everything facilitated us and we found nothing we could complain of. We wish we all could come back here again to feel the sensational surroundings. Thanks Heather.”

“We experienced the most welcome enhancement by the nature and we should be grateful to you for arranging every aspect to let us sense this sanctuary. Please come and enjoy these precious moments of being unitary with nature. Many Thanks Heather, we will see this place again surely.”

29 Sept – 1 Oct 2017
Serandi, Vinuki, Dinuli, Savinu, Kau, Thasith, Nenal & the Kids

“Thankyou for such a special place. We had a wonderful time and feeling recharged. There is magnificent atmosphere and spirit. I would recommend to all my friends to visit your unique place. Thanks a lot.”

22-25 September 2017

“Hi Heather, Thanks so much for having the happy group. At your happy place.”

16 August 2017

Thank you for your lovely house. I really enjoyed staying here; don’t really wanna leave. So, comfortable and relaxing! It was a wonderful weekend! Your house is amazing! Thank you again!

22 July 2018
Li Q

“Hi Heather, just wanted to say how beautiful your house is. The attention to detail in all the furniture and artwork made the weekend so enjoyable and relaxing. Thanks again for the hamper package on arrival, so thoughtful.”

Oh, the bath was amazing! Could not feel the outside temperature in the tub.

27 July 2018
Hayden McHugh

“Wow! What a breathtaking environment to experience!
We had a fantastic stay and loved (absolutely loved) your beautiful home.

Thank you for the wine and gifts.
We will be recommending Qii House to all our family and friends and we will definitely be back again!!”

1 July 2018
Angelo, Helen, Sam & Gay.

“Qii House was wonderful, we really enjoyed it and did a great walk, had a bath, had many long dinners. Thank you so much.
Many thanks for everything – Cheers”

11 June 2018
Chelsea Huggett

“In summary, the Consultant encourages Qii House to proceed with its laudable, ambitious and timely plans to enrich the upmarket property with an ANFTA-Certified Forest Therapy Trail conforming to international standards. In My Nature is pleased to assist Qii House and its staff and representatives along this journey to make this project a fruitful, mutually beneficial cooperation”

2 May 2018
Susan Joachim Director of Forest Therapy Australasia

“What a delightful space you have in Lorne:-)My husband and I were swooning over the luxurious setting and the immersive natural forest surroundings.

In this regard, I think it’s minds alike to consider marketing Forest Therapy in the format of a ‘Certified Forest Therapy Trail/Space’ at Qii House. “In My Nature” offers this as a consulting service so that people are guaranteed an evidence based nature therapy – everyone is talking about Shinrin-yoku!

As a certified forest therapy guide I can visit your lovely space and evaluate the surroundings to implement a forest therapy trail or space with signage – you don’t need more than 1 or 2 kilometres for an immersive and healing Forest Therapy experience. Your guests can meander along this curated trail and deepen their experience with nature. This way, you can also add an element of sharing knowledge and educate more people on the benefits of spending time in nature, the Shinrin-yoku way. A certified trail will attract more people to explore the beautiful forests surrounding the Qii House to experience the benefits of immersing in nature in a new way!

Qiihouse Lorne will be the first such location to introduce this concept to visitors in the Otways – you will be offering a dose (or many doses) of the “Medicine of the Forest.”

I really look forward to working with you on this project – so let me know what you think!”

20 July 2017

“Thankyou for creating such an inviting and beautiful place for people to come together in. Your home is everyone else’s house and we all appreciate that. What a wonderful world.”

10 June 2017

“Thankyou for an amazing weekend away – this environment perfectly reflects my brother Andy, and has been a beautiful experience, and way to celebrate his 30th year on this earth! Can’t wait to come back!”

3 June 2017
Love Robyn xx. Mitch is a cool dude!

“Hi Heather It was immense pleasure spending Easter Holidays at your lovely property. Well maintained and lovely interior and ambience. Will definitely suggest your property to other friends and family. Thankyou for the goodies as well!! Loads of love, and we loved the gesture.”

April 2017
Thankyou Adi, Mai, UD, Misha, Sunjay & Latika

“Such a beautiful home in the middle of a tranquil forest, we had a great weekend and will be definitely back. Was lovely to meet and chat with you which adds that special touch as opposed to renting through Agents. We enjoyed the amazing garden, fireplace and hamper. Thank you again.”

February 2017
Hulya Samanli and Mustafa Messeire

“Hi Heather, thank you for letting us stay at your beautiful house. We felt very privileged. Very relaxing. Something magical happened to me at Qii House and everything started to fall in to place in my life. We will most definitely come back to stay.”

Australia day weekend, 2017
Spencer Ellis (Bendigo)

“Absolutely loved it. The location is beautiful; the house is gorgeous- so much thought and attention to detail in both the décor and guest amenities. If only we’d had the opportunity to stay for a week. Thank you.”

January, 2017
The Miller-Wright Family (Gold Coast) with Grandparents, Sandra and Nigel Wright (London, UK)

“Qii House has been a tranquil oasis for the Falls Festival staff to unwind, re-charge and relax. Such a beautiful forest setting and gardens, surrounding this creatively designed and decorated abode. We loved the attention to detail and thought that has been put in and we will definitely come back one day! Thank you!!”

Boxing Day 2016 –January 3, 2017
Andrew Irwin (Senior Financial Controller, Falls Festival) and
Belle Stewart (Artist, Design Stylist, Photographer) (Melbourne).

“Amazing Home, tastefully decorated, beautiful serenity garden, We loved this place so much that we went back twice, so peaceful, clean and the owner is amazing, she is such a lovely person, and also the yummy hamper and wine you receive, thank you, will definitely will be back again.”

Hulya Samanli Interior Architect/Building Construction/Commercial Cleaning (Melbourne)

“Destination retreat, wedding or reward. Qii is world class!”

Wendy Walker – Editor at Social Pages VIP

“Qii House is a beautiful retreat in the heart of the Otways. The perfect place to unwind and become one with nature.”

Gareth Jago – Jago Digital

“Hello Heather, loving the house….We’ve used the pizza oven two nights in a row; it’s awesome. Thanks for the great weekend. Thanks again.”

Juan, Serena and co

“Heather, this is such a lovely property. I get such amazing vibes just from rolling through the pages and it is DEFINITELY the type of energy we aim to exude when featuring retreat properties on our sites. I am not sure how much Chere has shared with you but our mission is wholeheartedly dedicated to the below statement which embodies wellness, wholeness and balance.”

7 December 2016
Shanon – Eluxe Magazine