“Nature is my religion. The earth is my temple”. Art takes nature as it’s model…nature gets into our souls and finds hidden parts of ourselves”.

torii (鳥居, literally bird abode,

Japanese pronunciation: [to.ɾi.i]) is a traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of or within a Shinto shrine, where it symbolically marks the transition from the mundane to the sacred. The function of the “Torii” is to mark the entrance to a sacred space. Japanese mountain ascetic hermits with a long tradition as mighty warriors endowed with supernatural powers, sometimes use as their symbol a “Torii”. Heather loves the concept of having a vibrant red “Torii” entrance gate at Qii House; The colour red signifies vitality and protection against evil and practically serves as a preservative.

At Qii House we are a sacred space and love to embrace peace, harmony, diversity and the development of self – awareness through interconnectedness of all living things within a spiritual sanctuary. It is also a creative dynamic inspired by life in the natural world of the beautiful forest surrounds. 

“Creativity and artistry feed our souls. They elevate life into an art form – the art of living. “

Tricia Guild.

It was another magical moment on meeting and discussing the construction of the “Torii” at Qii House with Aaron Gordon of Lorne Living. It was obvious from the outset, that he was a creative, passionate soul and is always up for a challenge. It was so exciting. He is a man who loves to research and to research the concept of a build meticulously and holistically, which embodies his client’s ideas, the site, construction practicalities, history, spiritual aspects with painstaking attention to detail, which often ends up as an element of surprise.

I remember Aaron saying …”so it is all going to plan, it should be all up and I will just have to paint the posts and do some little detail work”  this is the element of surprise where he so skilfully adds his spin on his creations which I so love. He is such a perfectionist in his execution of the process.

”I have changed the look of it about 10 times and I’m very happy with how it should end up”. This is priceless and sums up Aaron’s amazing sentiment and dedication to his works of art…”I had an idea the other day that I think will look amazing, but I’ve never done it or seen it done before, so I want to leave that as a surprise.”  WOW it was well worth the wait!!! So exciting…it blew my mind.

“It is the marriage of the soul with nature that makes the intellect fruitful, and gives birth to imagination”.