Cultural exchange and being on country.

I had a recent cultural exchange with Richard Collopy (gadubanud indigenous person from the Otways). It was amazing!

For the Gadubanud indigenous people, Nyernilia means something like a deep respectful listening in quiet contemplation of country and people. Being on country is central to the aboriginal worldview. The complex set of values developed by aboriginal people are part of the dream time and include self control, self reliance, courage, kinship and friendship, empathy and holistic sense of oneness, independence, reverence for land and country and a responsibility for others.

I was a great privilege to meet up with Richard Collopy at Qii House again and to share in culture and friendship. Kindred spirits. Richard is of a sovereign family of the Gadubanud who are indigenous inhabitants of the Otways.

Our exploration of the forest along the trail was second to none. A truly holistic forest bathing experience being guided by invitations, from foraging to making bootlaces from the Bushman’s bootlace tree or Riceflower. AMAZING. Richard’s abundant knowledge seems to flow from his DNA and his generosity in spirit shines.

We were fortunate to stumble upon a large piece of red ochre which I always thought was a rock! Richard was able to grind it down to powder, add water and create paint. From there he created some art on a rock at the billabong. We together made palm prints in two circles within a map. I felt the connectedness. I particularly enjoyed uncovering bush tucker along the way.

Thankyou Richard

Be creative, stretch your imagination, and let yourself hear the sounds of the world you inhabit.