A beacon of greatness, depth and inspiration.

One of my most recent pleasurable and memorable adventures was to share the Qii House experience, and to explore the INFTA accredited rainforest Therapy trail on the property with Graeme Wilkie OAM. It was an honour and I felt very privileged.

It turned out to be a great motivational and inspirational experience. New beginnings for another dimension or source of contemplation along the “Zaborin Walk”…. another project and the evolution of a sculpture trail. The use of this wilderness landscape to create a nature inspired, environmentally sensitive three-dimensional artscape, with a mission on completion to be an exhibit in a national competition for sculpture art! It was to be a meeting of minds.

“Thank you Heather, for seeing what I see. Comes from a deeper understanding on the universe and life I guess. Must say you have in your care a stunning piece of the Otways. Your Zaborin Walk needs the utmost care in sensitivities with placing artwork along it. It could possibly be with careful handling a significant art/nature walk of importance. Well done the concept is divine.” …the potential for the trail is huge, very much appreciate your confidence in me and my work.”

Graeme’s Sculptures to complement the Zaborin Walk

Heather is delighted with the first two installations ‘Germinations of Another Kind’ and ‘Rainforest Transpiration’. Heather reflects, “yourself and your works of art have a great energy and presence. The pieces immerse into the very ancient ecosystem wonderfully and almost as if they have germinated there”. 

Graeme ‘s creations are reflected by his inner Zen; he is a passionate soul, environmentalist and nature lover, and his passion for Japan is reflected in his flair, mediums and techniques. I particularly love Graeme’s ikebana work which compliments his exquisite creations.

In Graeme’s own words

“AN ARTIST STATEMENT is the artist’s own, spontaneous and honest words that convey the spirit behind the work, their description of what inspires them, what they are trying to achieve, the muse behind their creations.”

Graeme Wilkie has been motivated by a long and passionate relationship with clay and creativity. I hope to be the conduit to share this, with the viewer. The way I approach, use and fire clay as the medium for this communication. Throughout my ceramic career the skills and techniques, I have acquired are now become secondary to this task. I use the word medium to heighten the awareness of the creator’s ‘intent’ rather than to define any process other than that of the act of creation. As my harshest critic with years of fighting with myself, art theorems, fashion, power politics and social etiquette, the bitter sweet surrender of ‘all’ this is enabling me to work encumbered.

“A lifetime is passing and the meaning of my work is still not conclusive. The source of originality is from the inner self and task ahead is to work free of the mind.” – Graeme Wilkie

“It is the confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits, that allows us to keep looking for new adventures, new directions to grow in, and new lessons to learn – which is what life is about.” – Oprah